Southport SEO - Why Do You Need PPC?


Southport SEO Why Do You Need PPC?

If you want to increase the chances of people purchasing from your website, then you’ll want to attract the right sort of visitors. Pay Per Click allows you do to that quickly and easily and is very cost effective.

  • PPC is highly targeted, and by choosing the exact words that trigger your adverts, you’ll make sure that you attract the people you’re looking for
  • You only pay when people click on your adverts
  • You set the daily or monthly budget, so you know in advance what the cost will be. In addition, once your account has some reputation with your PPC provider, and your adverts have a good Quality Score, you'll pay less for your bids, and may appear higher than competitors who are paying more per bid.
  • You decide how much to pay per click, so you can control your spend
  • A PPC campaign is instant, unlike SEO, which can take several weeks to improve
  • You can write your own choice of advert text
  • You decide where your adverts appear, such as the websites, countries and can even target regions
  • You can choose your own keywords and variations
  • A PPC campaign is highly trackable, and so you can see just how effective it is, and amend it accordingly
  • You can change your adverts and bids, and more, when you want it to, to suit you

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