Why Do You Need More Website Content?


Southport SEO Why Do You Need More Website Content?

No matter what sort of website yours is, you can always add more content to it.

Here's why:

    Every website needs more content. More content benefits your visitors and the Search Engines. Whether you add more products, an FAQ, promote your latest events or offers, or just comment about the goings on in your industry, regular new content is essential.
  • You can tell your visitors about your new products by featuring them. Perhaps you have specific seasonal products, or very versatile products, why not make more of their features and benefits?

  • You can tell your visitors about your new services, and how your services address common problems and how to overcome them.

  • You can tell your visitors about your new website features. Perhaps you’ve added videos, or a podcast or newsletter, or maybe you’re set up a blog, or a review section. Let your customers know, so that they can make use of it.

  • Adding new content encourages Search Engines to visit more often. It’s better to add content gradually rather than all at once. Perhaps add a page a week, or a new blog post a day, rather than lots of pages one day, then nothing for several months.

  • More content provides additional benefits for your visitors, as they can find out more about your products and services, and about you as a company. Also, you can provide help and assistance, and answer commonly asked questions.

  • More content means that you are more likely to be seen as an authority in your industry. By offering guides, instructions, manuals, questions and answers, and ideas, your visitors will see your site as much more than just a store.

  • More content means that you are likely to increase conversions and revenue, as more and more people visit your site for varying reasons.

  • Your visitors will spend more time on your website if there is more for them to read and do. This helps them to become more familiar with your brand, and build up more of a relationship, and trust.

  • Adding content keeps the site fresh, and encourages visitors to return. If there’s nothing new for a visitor, why would they come back? You wouldn’t want to keep reading yesterday’s newspaper!

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