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Website and visitor behaviour can be measured using Analytics. These web metrics enable you to see how well your website is performing, and which pages your visitors look at. Website Analytics are essential.

Here's why:

  • Website analytics can show you whether your website is a cost or investment, and how well it is performing. In the same way that you have reports for all other areas of your business, why not see the reports that show how your website is doing?

  • Do you know how many sales your website account for, and how much revenue it’s making? Website analytics allow you to see exactly how well your site is doing.

  • How can you where is your Traffic coming from? Knowing how your visitors find your site will show you how effective your on and offline Marketing campaigns are.

  • Until you know how long Visitors spend on your website, you won’t know how effective your website is, and whether it provides what your target audience are looking for.

  • Knowing more about how your visitors use your website will give you insights into the way you can improve it. What will knowing which are the busiest days, or what time of day produces more sales tell you about your target audience?

  • Do you know which Search Engines are providing your traffic? You might not currently know how much traffic is provided by the search engines, from links, and from those who are aware of your website URL.

  • Analytics will show you exactly which pages need improvement, as they’ll be the pages that have few views, and that visitors don’t spend a lot of time on.

  • Knowing which pages people actually visit can help you see which products are successful, and whether people are exploring your site in depth.

  • By setting up goals on your website, you can see how it is meeting your objectives. You might want to achieve a certain number of page views, or a number of visitors per month, or number of subscribers, or downloads, or sales.

  • Knowing how well your website is performing allows you to compare the data in a number of different ways. Perhaps you want to know how many visitors you get on a monthly basis, or compare the number of sales to this time last year.

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