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Videos On Your Website - Southport SEO

Videos are an excellent way to get your point across and show off your products and services and their features and benefits.

Here’s why:

  • Videos can be used to show the true personality of your company, and allow customers and potential customers to put faces to names, and see how you operate.

  • Video podcasts, or vodcasts, can be used with the same benefits as podcasts, and offer the added advantage that your viewers can see you too.

  • Why not do a video review of your products, or some of the products you sell, and create a video buyer’s guide, or some of the features of a new or updated product. Whether you sell cars or cardigans, your customers will have much more of an idea whether that product is for them.

  • Maybe you’ll create some “How To Guides” in video format. From getting started with your new software or how to clean your product to alternative uses or troubleshooting, your customers will be able to find out exactly what they need to know.

  • Why not consider filming a tour of your premises? Whether you’re a multinational corporation, or working out of a tiny office or warehouse, why not show your customers who’s making their purchases, or who they’ll be talking to on the phone if they have any queries?

  • Wouldn’t it be useful for your customers to see your products in action? From knowing exactly what they get in the box, to the assembled product, you can assist them every step of the way. What about showing your sports equipment being used on the pitch, or your cosmetics on a model?

  • You can use your videos to interview people. Whether they work for your company, or are influential people in your industry, or simply satisfied customers, why not see how they see and use your products.

  • Why not film special industry events, or other gatherings or meetings where people can see your products in services in action. Maybe you make components for cars or bikes, so why not go film some races, or events?

  • Use a clever video as a viral marketing campaign. Perhaps you already have a logo or mascot, or are known for a catchphrase. How could you use this to your advantage in order to gain new customers?

  • If you’re still not convinced, then perhaps discovering that You Tube is the second most popular search engine might change your mind! Can you afford not to have a presence there? How many potential searches and sales are you missing out on?

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