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    • SEO Tip 1 Is there enough content on your website to support your Keywords?

    • SEO Tip 2 Do you write your content for the Search Engines or your visitors?

    • SEO Tip 3 When was the last time you checked your site for dead links and typos?

    • SEO Tip 4 What do your Title Tags say? These are the most important onsite factors on each page.

    • SEO Tip 5 Are All your Meta Descriptions the same? Or do they describe the content on each page?

    • SEO Tip 6 Did you know that the main Search Engines don't use the Keyword Meta Tag?

    • SEO Tip 7 Has each one of your pages got it's own unique page title and meta description? If not, it should have!

    • SEO Tip 8 Is your website an investment or a cost?

    • SEO Tip 9 Do you see your website as part of your Marketing, or IT department?

    • SEO Tip 10 Do you use Pay Per Click advertising? If so, why, if not why not?

    • SEO Tip 11 What's the purpose of your website? To inform? To advise? To sell? Does your content reflect this?

    • SEO Tip 12 Are you using Press Releases to announce your news, and to create Links?

    • SEO Tip 13 Have you looked to see if your website code is as optimised as it could be?

    • SEO Tip 14 When was the last time you carried out a Link Building campaign?

    • SEO Tip 15 When was the last time you read through and updated your website content?

    • SEO Tip 16 Are you using the same words and syntax as your visitors?

    • SEO Tip 17 Are you using internal links to link to pages within your website? If not, you should be!

    • SEO Tip 18 Do you ever look and see what SEO strategies your competitors are using?

    • SEO Tip 19 What are you doing to encourage your visitors to return to your website?

    • SEO Tip 20 If you're an ecommerce site, have you submitted a Google Shopping XML feed?

    • SEO Tip 21 Do you use Google Webmaster Tools?

    • SEO Tip 22 Are your website visitors able to find what they want quickly and easily? If not, why not?

    • SEO Tip 23 Are you attracting visitors or customers to your website?

    • SEO Tip 24 When was the last time you added a new page to your website?

    • SEO Tip 25 Did you know the older your domain, the better? Get a Coming Soon or holding page up on your website domain ASAP.

    • SEO Tip 26 Have you checked how many website pages have been indexed by the Search Engines?

    • SEO Tip 27 Do you know which of your pages are the most and least popular?

    • SEO Tip 28 When was the last time you asked you suppliers or customers for a Link?

    • SEO Tip 29 Are you making the most of your H1 - H6 tags on your website?

    • SEO Tip 30 Are your Keywords used by people researching or buying?

    • SEO Tip 31 Are you doing all you can to make it easy for your website visitors to become customers?

    • SEO Tip 32 Did you know that a Press Release is a great way to get your news seen by thousands of people, and get more links for your website too.

    • SEO Tip 33 Have you looked at your Analytics to see which Keywords people are using to find your website ? You might be surprised

    • SEO Tip 34 Are you making the most of local Keywords? Are you using Analytics to see which local Keywords your visitors are using?

    • SEO Tip 35 Do you make the most of seasonal changes or promotions on your website?

    • SEO Tip 36 Are you using a robots.txt file to help the Search Engines index your website?

    • SEO Tip 37 Are you using a Customised 404 and other Error Pages? Why not help your visitors to find what they're looking for?

    • SEO Tip 38 Do you use a Sitemapto help your visitors?

    • SEO Tip 39 When you add more pages to your website don't forget to update your XML Sitemap, and resubmit it to the Search Engines.

    • SEO Tip 40 What sort of Data Capture do you use on your website? How do you get your visitors to take more of an interest?

    • SEO Tip 41 Why should your visitors return to your website? How do you keep your content fresh and interesting?

    • SEO Tip 42 Is everybody in your company working towards improving your website for your visitors?

    • SEO Tip 43 Your website is for your visitors and customers, not the Search Engines.

    • SEO Tip 44 How else can your website make you money? What do your visitors need?

    • SEO Tip 45 Have you claimed your Social Media domain names for your company?

    • SEO Tip 46 Do you listen to the same Podcasts, visit the same websites, and read the same magazines as your target audience?

    • SEO Tip 47 What websites do your target audience visit? What does this tell you about your customers?

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