Southport SEO Tip 32


Did you know that a Press Release is a great way to get your news seen by thousands of people, and get more links for your website too.

>What better way to share your company news, new staff recruitments, new products, thoughts and opinions on the news or current events, sales or seasonal offers, or anything else you think the media might be interested in than a Press Release? Your news may be picked up by all sorts of newspapers, magazines, and websites looking for content, which will help to get your company name known. By submitting regular press releases you can get your brand well known, and your news appearing in appropriate publications related to your products or services.

One of the other benefits of using press releases is that you can gain many Links to your website. What would a link from a national newspaper, magazine or news agency do for your website and business? As well as paid press release websites, you can also submit your news for free, making this a very effective form of Online Marketing.

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