Southport SEO Tip 29


Are you making the most of your H1 - H6 tags on your website?

It’s essential that you use the H1 – H6 tags on your website to identify important sections. Think of the H1 tag as the headline on a newspaper. This is the most important bit of text on your webpage, and so needs to be relevant and Keyword rich. Instead of your heading saying Welcome, Contact Us, or Services, how could you fit relevant keywords into this heading? You can only have one H1 tag on each page, so use it wisely. Use H2 for the next most important section, and so on. You are unlikely to need all 6 tags, but depending on your Content, and the number of sections, you might do. If your page is looking cluttered, then why not create more pages, and use more keyword rich H1 and H2 tags?

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