Southport SEO Tip 25


Did you know the older your domain, the better? Get a Coming Soon or holding page up on your website domain ASAP.

Although a Coming Soon or holding page can be frustrating for visitors, if it’s done properly, it can be used for Data Capture, and help with building Links to your site too. Depending on the sort of site yours will be, you might also be able to create more pages of content that can be amended as your site goes live. Perhaps you can have overviews of the products on your Ecommerce site, or buyer’s guides. What about running a competition, or encouraging people who find your site to ring you, or offering those who sign up now a discount on their first order?

The Search Engines will trust an older domain much more so than a brand new domain, so even if you don’t have plans for a domain, it’s probably worth setting up a holding page, and collecting names and email addresses for when the site does go live.

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