Southport SEO Tip 24


When was the last time you added a new page to your website?

Adding more Content to your website on a regular basis will give your visitors more to read, reasons to explore your site, and find the products they are looking for, or the information they need. In addition, it will give the Search Engines more pages to index and so your site could rank better. Regularly updating your product catalogue, or adding new products to your ecommerce site will pay off.

How could your visitors benefit from the wealth of experiences, skills and knowledge your company and staff have? What other guides, reports, testimonials or reviews would your target audience like to see before they decide to buy from you? What would help your site from being the first place people come to when they’re looking for what you do? What about the site that other websites look to for their information or news? With a bit of planning and thought, could your website be an authority in your industry?

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