SEO Glossary S from Southport SEO


SEO Glossary S from Southport SEO


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Sales are the most important thing for most Ecommerce websites, in the same way that they are for Bricks and Mortar shops.

Search Engine

A Search Engine is the website you use in order to find the things that you are looking for. The most widely used ones are Google, Yahoo, and Bing, and each categorise data and so results, in different ways. There are also hundreds more, and you might even use an industry-specific one. As well as search and indexing facilities, the Search Engines also offer other facilities, such as news, or email, and shopping

Search Engine Results Page (SERPS)

The Search Engine Results Page or SERPS, is the page of results that you see when your search using Keywords. For most website owners, the target is to appear in the top 10 of the results, for their chosen keywords.

Search Engine Spiders

Search Engine Spiders or robots, are the programs that will visit your website, and analyse it in order to rank it. The easier you make the Navigation and layout of your site, the easier it will be for the robots to find more of your site, and index it.

Search Engine Optimisation

Put simply, Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is the process of optimising a website so that it ranks well for given Keywords. There are many aspects that need to be considered for a successful SEO campaign, such as the code, the copy, and the number of links.


A Sitemap will make sure that visitors can find all your pages, and will also be a help for the Search Engine Spiders. You can also create an XML sitemap, and submit it to the Search Engines, and Webmaster Tools, in order to make sure that they are aware of all of your pages.

Social Networking

Social Networking sites, such as Facebook, MySpace,Bebo, LinkedIn and Orkut,allow members to share their activities, links, comments, photos, and videos with their friends, and play online games together. These are fantastic ways to keep in touch with friends and family, and to make new friends too. For SEO purposes, having fan pages, or groups, or promoting your website through your social networking profile or Viral Marketing, can drive traffic to your website


Spam is the term used for junk email, or stuffing Keywords into copy, or for constantly trying to promote your product, or placing your link everywhere. Nobody likes a spammer, and it is poor form. It’s much better to build up a relationship first, and then mention your products, or your website.

Find out more about SEO by choosing a letter.

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