SEO Glossary R from Southport SEO


SEO Glossary R from Southport SEO


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Reciprocal Link

A Reciprocal Link is a link on your website, in return for a link on somebody else’s website. Some Directory sites require a reciprocal link.


Reviews are a good way to instil trust in visitors to your website, and so they are more likely to buy from you. You might have reviews on your website from other websites, or magazines, or suggest people seek independent reviews.


ROI (Return On Investment), is simply the amount of sales minus the amount spent on online marketing. If your website generates £5000 of sales a month, and you spend £1000 on advertising, then your return on investment is 500%, as for every £1 you spend, you get £5 of sales.


The Robots.txt file is a standardised way to tell the Search Engines which pages you do or don’t want indexing. You might not want your images, or customer details to be found by the search engines, so you can tell them to ignore these pages or sections, with a Robots.txt file.


RSS stands for Really Simple Syndication, and allows an XML data feed to be used, either from your site, or from other sites onto your site. You might want to have your products available as an RSS feed, so that people who subscribe to your feed can see when you update your products, or for a news feed.

RSS Readers

RSS Readers allow the RSS feed to be read. You might want to always be able to see the latest news headlines, or financial or sporting news, or other information, and an RSS Reader will allow you to do this.

Find out more about SEO by choosing a letter.

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