SEO Glossary P from Southport SEO


SEO Glossary P from Southport SEO


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Page Rank

Page Rank is the importance of a website, according to Google. The more visitors a site has, and the more pages it has, amongst other factors, will help to decide it’s importance, and page rank.

Page Title

The Page Title is the text that appears at the top of the web browser window, and is used by the Search Engines to describe what the page is about. It makes sense to mention your keywords here, as it is one of the main factors used for ranking a webs page.

Pay Per Click

Pay Per Click, or PPC, advertising is a novel way of promoting your products, as you only pay when your advert is clicked on. By created very targeted adverts, and using appropriate and Long Tail Keywords, you can generate lots of traffic from people who are ready to buy.


PHP is a programming language that works in collaboration with HTML and Javascript, in order to add more functionality to your website. By adding databases, and creating dynamic webpages, website can be made much more usable and streamlined, and much more efficient and effective.


Podcasts are rather like radio shows, in that they are informative and entertaining. You could create a podcast to tell your listeners and potential customers about your industry, your products, how people can use your products, and answer the most frequently asked questions, on a regular basis. Why not report from trade shows, or interview important people in your industry, or speak to people who use your products. With the rise in popularity of MP3 players, people can listen to podcasts almost anywhere, whether whilst out running, commuting, or in the gym.

Press Releases

Press releases are an effective way to share your news and opinions with the world. Online press releases are no different. By submitting a press release, you might your news appears in the news, whether online or in print, and can also lead to more links. In addition, it will also increase brand awareness.

Privacy Policy

A Privacy Policy will explain how you treat the information that visitors give to you whilst on you r website, and so help to reassure them that browsing your website is safe. By increasing trust and confidence, you can help to turn visitors into customers.

Find out more about SEO by choosing a letter.

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