SEO Glossary M from Southport SEO


SEO Glossary M from Southport SEO


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Marketing is the process of making products and services more attractive and so appealing to more people, with the aim of selling more. Many of the traditional marketing advertising and selling methods can be adapted for use Online.

Marketing Calendar

Your marketing calendar outlines your busy periods, and the promotions or seasonal changes you need to prepare for. You'll need to add relevant and Keyword rich Content and products, so that your website has what your visitors are looking for. If your sell holidays then you will gear up for summer, and if you sell Christmas decorations, then your busy period will be autumn. You might want to take advantage of news stories, sporting events, concerts, school holidays or films and TV programmes. The more opportunities you can link your products or services to, the more likely to increase your conversions.

Meta Description

The Meta Description is the description that appears in the search results. This can be an effective way of describing your products or services, or the contents of the page, and include a strong call to action too. Remember that each page needs a unique meta description that accurately describes what the page is about. This tag is found in the Code of your website.

Meta Keywords

The Meta Keywords tag is not really used by Search Engines to establish what a page is about, as it was previously Spammed by SEO people, by filling it with as many variations of a keyword as possible, in order to make the page more relevant for those terms. As the Search Engines got wise to this, having your Keywords in the Keywords Meta Tag makes little or no different to rankings.

Mobile Internet

Mobile Internet usage is increasing rapidly, and now many of use our phones or devices other than a computer to find out what we want to know. Whether it’s for information such as weather, entertainment, maps and directions, or phone numbers, or for recreational purposes, such as games, music or social networking, you might want to make sure your website and online marketing encompasses the mobile internet.

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