SEO Glossary H from Southport SEO


SEO Glossary H from Southport SEO


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The Header Tag tag H1 displays text in a large header. This text is the most important text on your page.. You need to make sure that you use it well, and that it tells your visitors and the Search Engines what the page is about. Rather than using it to say “Welcome to our website”, why not use it to mention your products and services, and your keywords.


H2-H6 are also important Header Tag Header Tags, and should be used well too.

Header Tags

Header Tags are like the headline and sub headlines of a newspaper page. What you put in the H tags is seen as important by the Search Engines.


Hiding text such as making it the same colour as the background, so that it doesn’t show on the page, but is visible to Search Engines, is seen as Spam, and punished severely. It used to be quite a common practice, but is not done anymore, and is often used as part of Black Hat SEO Techniques.

Holding Page

A holding page is the Coming Soon or Under Construction page that is in place before the main website goes live. Why not tell your visitors about what will be coming, and give them a reason to come back?


The Homepage is usually the most important page on a website, so it’s important to make sure that your homepage reflects your company, and also encourages your visitors to explore your site, and either buy your products, or find out more information.


HTML stands for HyperText Mark up Language, and is the language used for creating websites. There are lots of guides and tutorials for getting started in HTML, and many documents in various applications can be saved in HTML format, making hem suitable for the web. HTML can also be used with Javascript and PHP to add more functionality to your website.


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