SEO Glossary - D from Southport SEO


SEO Glossary - D from Southport SEO


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Data Capture

Data Capture is the process of obtaining email addresses or other details from the visitors to your website. This data can then be used for an email newsletter or for informing people about your new products or other news.


A Database can be used to store products, customer details, or as part of a CMS, web pages. The more complicated your website, the more databases can help you, and speed things up.

Dead Links

Dead Links are Links that don’t work. It’s important to check your links, either manually or with a link checking tool, so that your visitors can find what they are looking for, and that your site and your company look professional.

Deep Linking

You want all your pages to rank well, not just your homepage, so linking to other pages on your website, is important. You’ll need to use appropriate Anchor Text and calls to action to encourage visitors and the Search Engines to learn more about your company.


Directories are a good way of getting Links and for finding sites that may interest you. Submitting to many directories is free, although some will require a Reciprocal Link. Some directories carry more weight than others with the Search Engines, and are well worth submitting to.

Domain Name

The Domain Name is the name of your website. It can be highly beneficial from an SEO perspective to choose a domain that represents what you do, rather than your company name. People are more likely to search for a product or service, rather than a company name.

Find out more about SEO by choosing a letter.

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