SEO Glossary C - Southport SEO


SEO Glossary C - Southport SEO


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Call To Action

A Call To Action is the persuasive text used to entice people to buy your product, sign up for your newsletter or whatever else you want your visitors to do whilst on your website. Phrases such as Ring Now, Add To Basket, Find Out More, See Why, and Buy Today are examples of effective calls to action.


A CMS, or Content Management System allows a website to be updated and amended without needing to know how to design or develop websites, or HTML. This means that any staff will be able to update news, add products, write additional content or images.


Optimising your website code so that it is quick to load and has plenty of relevant Links and good Anchor Text, will help to ensure that the Search Engines can find your site, and index the contents. The deeper the site goes, the less likely the site is to be fully indexed, so the easier you can make it, the better.


Website Content is very important, and helps your visitors and the Search Engines to discover what your site is about. The more text you have on your site, the more Keywords and Calls To Action you can use, and so the more chance you have of getting your message across. Remember that Search Engines are unable to read images, so the more text the better.


Conversions are the sales, downloads, or enquiries that your website brings in. The higher the rate of converions, the better. Maybe you'll want to know how many sales you get, or which products are your best sellers, or whether your sales increase as a result of your advertising. Maybe you'll see your conversion rate increase at certaintimes of the year, or you'll want to compare conversion rates over time.


A Cookie is a piece of code that is transmitted to your computer from a Website, and stores information about you, often in order to enhance your time on a website. When you are welcomed back to a site, or the site knows what products you recently looked at, it's all down to cookies. Cookies are also used by Analytics software in order to determine whether a visitor has been to a site before.


Copywriting is a service provided by companies and freelancers that provides content for websites. If you haven't got the time or resources in order to populate your product database, or to write your Articles or Press Releases, buying guides, product documentation, or other website content, then you'll want a copywriter.

CPA - Cost Per Acquisition

The CPA (Cost Per Acquisition) is the cost of each order, or lead. The lower this cost the more profit you will make.


CSS stands for cascading style sheets, which are a very useful way of reducing page load time, and also for making webpages more flexible and easier to change elements such as colours, backgrounds and font properties.

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