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Press Releases

Press Releases are a great way to share your news, opinions and comments on your industry, with the world.

Here’s why:

  • Press Releases are good way to show off any company news. whether you’ve moved premises, taken on new staff, or launched a new product, you can let the world know.

  • Writing Press Releases is a relatively quick task, and you can create templates to make writing the next ones much faster.

  • There isn’t much involved in writing a Press Release, so you can easily create your news. As long as it is factual rather than “sales-y”, you can always find something to write about.

  • Because you don’t need special software or expertise, Press Releases are cheap to write and submit. Once you’ve written your press release, you can either pay to submit it to premium sites, or submit it to free sites.

  • By creating a Press Release with a good title that encourages people to read on, you can potentially get your news read by thousands of people.

  • You can link to your products and other pages, and you can also expect to gain potentially lots of links after submitting your Press Release. More links are likely to benefit your Search Engine rankings too.

  • Press Releases submitted to the relevant sites tend to be indexed very quickly, so that your news can be in the public domain almost immediately.

  • Search engines love Press Releases, and so they can be a very good addition to your Online Marketing strategy.

  • Regular Press Releases show professionalism, and can help you become more of an authority in your field, as well as increasing brand awareness, and encouraging more visitors to your website, or offline store.

  • All companies are proud of their work, and who doesn't love sharing their news? A Press Release can be a really effective way to promote your business.

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