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Podcasts - Southport SEO

Podcasts are a fantastic idea, and can be easily implemented as part of your marketing strategy.

Here’s what you need to know:

  • Podcasts are a good way of sharing knowledge, and proving that you’re an authority on your chosen subject, or in your industry. Why not share your expertise and experience with your target audience?

  • You can quickly share your podcasts on iTunes and other podcasts sites to expose your message to millions of people.

  • A podcast will encourage listener questions and interaction, and you’ll soon find out what people want to know, and what they can’t find out from your website and other marketing material.

  • Why not use your podcast to interview relevant people in your industry / sector, or even in different departments in your company?

  • A podcast will help find out how people are using your products or services, and how else you can meet their needs, and improve your products and services, and so increase revenue.

  • Your subscribers can listen to your podcast anywhere, whether they’re in the car or on the train, in the gym or out for a run.

  • Perhaps you’ll start off with short podcasts until you can find more content, and gauge your listener’s attention span. You don’t want to be targeting extremely busy people with an hour long podcast, and you might want to say more to those people are likely to listen to on their commute or when exercising.

  • Whilst podcasts can be informative, they can also be used for product reviews and sales messages. You might just want to say how much you did or didn’t like using a product, or that you’ve got a sale on.

  • If you’re struggling for ideas, why not look at your industry news, and see how it will affect your company or your customers, or how your products and services will help solve problems.

  • A podcast will be entertaining, and show the personality of your company. Even if your industry isn’t known for it’s sense of humour, then why not see if you can bring a bit of humour and fun into what your company does?

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