Onsite SEO Factors


Onsite SEO Factors

The way your website, and individual pages are structured, can make a difference to how your visitors perceive your site, and your Search Engine rankings.

  • On page factors, such as good title tags, descriptions and much more affect the Search Engine rankings
  • Well written code means that the site will be quick to load, and visitors are more likely to see your content
  • Good content will encourage your visitors to take the actions that you want them to
  • Internal links between pages will encourage visitors to explore more of your site, and also encourage Search Engines to index more pages of your website
  • Making your website easy to read and navigate will encourage visitors to stay longer
  • Is your website designed for visitors or search engines?
  • Have you got the right balance of text, images and other features, such as Javascript and Databases.
  • Does your website keep your visitors interested?
  • Can your visitors find what they want and what they need?
  • Does your website encourage your visitors to return?

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