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Link Building - Southport SEO

If you’ve got a website, then you’re sure to have come across Link Building. This is the process of getting other websites to link to you. This is as important as the site structure and the content of your website.

Here's why:

  • Links to your website are the most important off page factor that affects Search Engine ranking
  • Links to your site are seen as votes for your website, so the more links, the better your website appears to be
  • The quality of the links is just as important as the quantity. A few good relevant links from people in your industry, or related industries and more important than lots of links from unrelated websites
  • The more links you have, the more chance you have of appearing high in the Search Engine rankings, especially for competitive keywords
  • You can submit your website to Link Directories in order to gain more links, and publicise your website
  • You can create your own company blog, and contribute to other industry blogs in order to link to your website, and get your website well known.
  • You can gain links by reviewing relevant products on your website. People often want to read reviews before buying
  • You can use linkbait in order to generate traffic and links to your site. Linkbait is dedicated content that is often controversial, in order to generate media attention and so links
  • Why not ask your customers or suppliers for a link, and see what other industry related directories and websites you can contribute to?
  • There are many other ways of creating links, including offline advertising, company stationery, emails and even word of mouth

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