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Blogs - Southport SEO

Blogs are a great way to share your thoughts and knowledge, and can also be a fantastic way to create links and generate traffic.

Here’s why:

  • Blogs tend to be less corporate than the main website.

  • They can be more personal and friendly, and can build up a rapport with visitors and customers alike

  • Blogs tend to be more chatty as the character of the writer develops.

  • Blogs are less sales-y, and can comment on the industry, other companies or even unrelated issues.

  • A blog can be seen as a diary of what's going on, whether it’s special event, or just social commentary.

  • A blog can be used to publicise events, reviews, industry findings or even just to announce a new product or a sale.

  • A blog encourages user feedback, and invites people to respond to your posts.

  • A blog allows you to easily share opinions with others, whether your customers, or those in your industry.

  • Because the perfect blog is updated often, features lots of different sorts of content, is linked to, and has many visitors who comment regularly, they are loved by search engines.

  • Blogs can also include links to the main corporate site, and can guide visitors to specific products or pages on the website which might have gone unnoticed.

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