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Article Writing - Southport SEO

Articles are a fantastic way to show your expertise, and to generate traffic to your website

Here’s why:

  • Articles can be used to answer "how do I…", type questions, and can be an excellent way to show off the features and benefits of your products and services.

  • As you publish more articles, and gain more respect, you and your company will soon become an authority on your chosen areas of expertise.

  • Articles will also provide links to your site, and so help your site to rank. Each article allows you to put in links to pages other than your homepage, so you can link to individual products, or sections that are normally hard to get links to.

  • As you become more experienced at writing articles, and provide content that people are looking for, your articles will be read by people, who will then want to visit your site, and so will increase traffic, and conversions.

  • When your article is published, the links to your site remain intact, and so you can easily gain links without the hard work that link building usually involves.

  • People like lists and controversy, so you can easily think of titles, and content. Reasons for or against something, “10 ways to...”, “10 Things You Need To Know About....”, “Is ... Good/Bad/The Best...?, “What You Need To Know About ...?”

  • Most article sites are very easy to understand and submit to, and performance can be monitored so you can see exactly how each of your articles are performing, and the number of clicks your links get.

  • If you’re struggling for ideas, you can create articles based on the common questions your customers ask, or the reasons that people buy / need your products or services.

  • Articles are indexed quickly very quickly by the search engines, and so can be used to inform about seasonal products, or news related issues.

  • Writing articles is extremely cost effective, and quick, and you can easily create an article when you have something to write about.

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